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Asian American Career Center
Your one-stop source for everything needed to put an Asian American professional career in high gear, including career advice and quality jobs.

100 Great Asian-Friendly Employers
Employers who offer the best opportunities for Asian American professionals.

Asian American Jobs
Daily job postings in engineering, IT, accounting, finance, sales and other fields from today's most Asian-Friendly Employers.

Asian Media Group
Asia's most respected newspapers' sites combine their U.S. traffic for full advertising reach of Asian American consumers online.

Notable Asian American Professionals
Leading Asian American professionals in technology, finance, medicine, architecture, media, law, politics and real estate.

Hottest Growth Fields of the 2010s
Set your sights on the career fields that promise the most growth in the coming decade.

Best Careers for Bi-Lingual Asian Americans
Stuck in a dead-end job? Tap your bi-lingual skills to blast out to a lucrative fast-track career.

Your Asian Heritage Can Give You a Professional Edge
Let your Asian heritage be an extra ace up your sleeve.

Are You a Natural Sales Superstar?
A sales career offers the kinds of challenges and rewards that many dynamic young Asian Americans are seeking.

Career Choices of Elite Asian American Grads
A sales career offers the kinds of challenges and rewards that many dynamic young Asian Americans are seeking.

Hottest New Jobs in the IT Field
Even as the digital revolution enters its third decade, IT continues to add high-paying jobs faster than any other career field.

Asian American Digital Pioneers
Technologists who showed exceptional intellect and boundless faith in the upgradeability of human life.

12 Most Brilliant Asian Americans
Asian Americans who have expanded the frontiers of knowledge and understanding.

Asian American Corporate Superstars
10 Asian Americans who have climbed highest in major American corporations.

Avoid Career Setbacks from Cultural Clashes
How to avoid the 5 common cultural disconnects that affect even fifth-generation Asian Americans.

Avoiding Conflict with Asian Colleagues
Turn potential rivalries into alliances by being sensitive to the potential for intra-racial competition.

7 Biggest Jobhunting Mistakes of the Digital Age
Personal computers and the internet have created new sideshows and black holes that can destroy your focus and send you on digitial wild-goose chases.

Write Resumes That Get Callbacks
Put yourself ahead of 90% of your competition by following these insightful tips for writing winning resumes.
120 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time
120 Asian Americans who define success in the fields of business, politics, entertainment, arts, literature, sports, public service, law, medicine, science and technology.

GoldSea 100
The 100 leading Asian American business success stories.

Asian American Business News
News of interest to Asian American business professionals.

Best of Asian America
The best Asian malls, restaurants, actors, athletes, performers, TV personalities, etc.

Asian Online Media Articles
Links to the best Asian American articles and discussions.

Asian American Personalities
The most interesting Asian American achievers.
The Asian American SuperSite — America's biggest, most intelligent website for Asians.

Asian American Identity
Solutions to common Asian American identity issues.

Asian American Media & Entertainment
Movies, books, music and other media of interest to Asian Americans.

Asian American Videos
Vidoes of special interest to Asian Americans.

Asian American Parenting
How to raise happy successful Asian American kids with a secure self-image.

America's leading Asian women's site, featuring tips on makeup, beauty, hair and fashion.

Asian American Poll & Comment
The ultimate polling center for Asian Americans, presenting views on race, beauty, media, politics, tastes and lifestyles.

Asian Air Issues
Articles on issues of special interest to professional-age Asian Americans, augmented by moderated discussions by opinion leaders.